Friday, October 7, 2011

Since attending the kick-off meeting for this wellness campaign, I’ve been thinking about what to contribute to the blog.  Let me share a couple of the small things I do to help with my own wellness – both physical and otherwise.  They are things you can do, too.
1.  Taking the stairs.  When we started our last company-wide wellness campaign, I had gotten out of the habit of taking the stairs.  However, I saw the list of ways to earn tickets and decided that taking the stairs would be my main focus.  Not only does it provide you with some exercise, but you can get where you need to go without having to wait for the elevator to come.  More than once I’ve made it back to my floor at about the same time as people who chose the elevator.  No, I don’t take the stairs everywhere I go at work, but you will usually find me in the stairwell at some point during the day!  I’ve been able to keep this habit up so far since our “Tickets to Wellness” campaign ended (and telling you all about it will hopefully be motivation to continue).

To get started w/ this good habit:  take the stairs at least once a day.  Even a little bit helps!

2.  Reading.  The Bookworm badge will probably be the easiest one for me to earn in our current campaign.  Someone once asked me what I give up to read.  I know from economics classes that everything has an opportunity cost, but I don’t think of reading in those terms.  It’s something I HAVE to do.  I love reading books, talking about them, shopping for them, and having them around.  They provide an escape, a chance to learn about random subjects, something to do while waiting, and entertainment.  You will frequently find me wandering a bookstore – for stress relief, for a reward, or for no reason in particular.  My book group has helped me get to know the people of my neighborhood, another way to work on wellness.

To get started with this good habit:  Take advantage of your commute time.  Whether it’s an audio book, an e-book, or a traditional paper and ink book, it counts as reading!

Good luck, everyone!

Carolyn Fish

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